Infinity Downline Review
A review of the Infinity Downline Marketing program and how the Reverse 2-Up system works


 Infinity Downline is a reverse 2-Up marketing program where you can make a lot of money.

  • Only $25 to join.
    * You break even with only 1 person. How cool is that!
    * Paid direct member-to-member
    * ZERO Admin Fees (thats right… None!)
    * Pure 1OO% Net Payout direct to Paypal or any other vendor system.
    * Real products. Hundreds of hours of audio & video education. Not your standard PLR ebooks
    * Built in Residuals! – Everyone that pays you $25 will pay you another $25 every 3 months!

The products that you get full access to and can download and use for yourself cover training on marketing, blogging, web tutorials, and guides to using many popular and useful software products including Microsoft and Photoshop.

So even if you only join to use the products you will get fantastic value.

The Reverse 2-Up system may prove a little confusing to people at first so let’s try to cover that here……

So ….what is a Reverse 2-Up system?

In a reverse 2-up system your 1st and 3rd sale will go to you, and your 2nd and 4th sale will go to your sponsor. All sales after that will go to you.

On the downside, you have to give your sponsor your 2nd and 4th sales.

The postive side is that everyone who joins Infinity Downline under you will be giving their 2nd and 4th sales to you. And those people will also give their 2nd and 4th sales to you. If you think about this for a while you will begin to appreciate the power that is built into this system.

Let’s say you only refer 4 people to Infinity Downline (although you can refer as many as you want). And, let’s also assume those people also refer just 4 people to Infinity Downline.

Your first sale goes to you and you get your full $25 back on this, your first sale.

Your second sale goes to your sponsor.

Your 3rd sale goes to you and you earn a $25 profit on this sale.

And your fourth sale goes to your sponsor.

Now, when the two people you refer who stayed under you, refer other people to Infinity Downline you will get their 2nd and 4th sales, another $100 profit (4 new members – two each) for doing nothing.

And when those 4 people refer 4 more people to Infinity Downline you will get their 2nd and 4th sales (8 new members) or another $200 profit for a total profit of $325.

Then when those 8 people refer 4 new people each Infinity Downline you will make another $400 profit for a total profit of $725. All you did was refer 4 people and teach two of them to do the same thing. And it keeps building and growing from there. And, you should be able to recruit a lot more than 4 people.

The key point here is all you did was refer 4 people but as they refer new people your profits continue to multiply……for doing nothing!

Below is a video that explains this entire concept much better than I can.

So if you want to look at the website then go to or have a look at this video that I made to promote it.

This video is an introduction on the site at

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